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Sandra Christian

Empowerment Trainer & Coach

Hi, I'm Sandra Christian and currently live in The Netherlands.  
With a strong passion to make a difference in the lives of people, I write empowerment books, run workshops, train and facilitate groups, and coach individuals who want to be
the best they can be.

"Never be ashamed of a scar.
It simply means that you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you"

empowerment activities ...

empowerment experiences

Our Empowerment Experiences are workshops aimed to give you the sense that you are in control of your life.

These experiences enable you to make positive decisions and to take action that will bring you
closer to achieving your goals and ambitions.

By means of practical exercises, you will reflect on various aspects that will leave a lasting impression on your life.


A Group Challenges is where you work on a specific challenge in a group.

Your challenge is personal and the group helps and supports you along the way.

These sessions show you that you are not alone on your journey.

You learn from each other's successes!


Coaching is about you, your goals, your outcomes and your path toward making them a reality.

A personal coach listens so they can truly know and understand you.

The point of coaching is to achieve lasting change as they help you reach your goals.

What Attendees and Coachees Say ...


Training Attendee & Coachee

“Sandra is a great guide and person. She helped me a lot with becoming more confident in myself and in my work. During my studies in web-developing, Sandra was my counselor in human engineering.

Her sessions were always something our class looked forward to, as they always helped us in expressing ourselves and communicate better.

Sandra also has great intercultural skills: our class existed out of people from many different cultures who were not always used to the business practices in the Netherlands. Sandra was able to take these insecurities away.

There are very few people who listen as well as Sandra does, and truly make you feel heard.

Our sessions were something that I will carry lessons from for the rest of my life.”


Experience Attendee

“I participated in B-Empowered experiences in Rotterdam.

I can highly recommend these to anyone who are interested in the practical side of personal growth.

Sharing stories and working in a small group made the experience all the better.

Sandra’s heartwarming presence and wisdom made me feel inspired and motivated.”


Experience Attendee & Coachee

“Attending Sandra’s workshops helped me to explore my inner power.

She taught me how believe in myself and take control to achieve my dream.

She let me know the power of positive thoughts and empowered me to nurture my confidence.

During the coaching sessions, she created a safe place for me to express myself freely.

Her smart technique of coaching, made me enable how to focus on what I want beyond any limits outside world wants to impose on me”



"Sandra has been and still is a knowledgeable, happy, and motivational coach to me.

I hired her to help me navigate through the complex world of project management, teaching leadership skills in a predominantly male culture, and giving direction to my career in general.

When you are looking for a genuine, kind and experienced coach in various business topics, you should select her!"


Experience Attendee & Coachee

“I have followed several of the live online workshops Sandra offers.
 She shows herself to have a very keen insight into the professional as well as personal blockers and struggles that keep us from being “our best selves” and addresses these most pragmatically, in a strongly structured approach.

Coupled with her personable warmth, a great sense of empathy and the capability to truly listen for the right information this makes for extremely efficient and effective sessions. 

The tools and exercises Sandra developed and employs will require your attention and work.

This kind of measurable approach really works for me, as you can really track improvement and “milestones” on your way! 

I am truly impressed by how quickly Sandra got to the heart of the matter with me, and how much she already contributed to my personal insights and the ways I can get to achieving proper results in the often arduous road to self-improvement. 

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her engaging expertise and skills to any professional or individual currently struggling to improve or get back on track.

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